As increasing  worldwide  legislation steadily outlaws all kinds of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the pressroom, a new set of challenges arise. With low-VOC cleaning compounds, for example, rollers are now more difficult to clean thoroughly. The answer is a whole new kind of roller technology. One which acknowledges that the change  to low-VOC solutions is permanent, and instead offers an alternative (and vastly better) way to go.


With our Ryno®, HydroMetric® and Webred® printing rollers, Ryno Rollers provides those answers. Just as we've provided answers to other major printing industry challenges over the past 60 years. In addition, Ryno, HydroMetric and Webred printing rollers bring a long list of other advantages. These range from uniquely smooth, virtually non-porous surfaces to a soft, compressible but very durable makeup. Together, these characteristics allow Ryno, HydroMetric and Webred compounds to print a lot more efficiently.

Ryno Roller Compound

Ryno roller compound is the original compound developed by the company and has been specified by printers for more than 30 years. The compound got its name becasue of its reputation and pressmen who said "Rollers made with it ae as tough and as fast as a rhino!" Only rollers that meet exacting Ryno standards bear the Ryno name.

Hydrometric Compound

Hydrometric roller compounds were developed specifically for metering and fomr positions of envelope presses and midsized sheetfed presses. A proprietary ingredient added to the basic Ryno compund provides a unique surface effecxt which reduces the surface tension of fountain soluiton. This permits the Hydrometric roller to apply dampeing solution to the preinting plate more liberally and more uniformly, dramatically improving the quality of the printed sheet.

Web Red Compound

Web Red roller compound is an enhanced version of the Ryno compound designed specifically for high speed web and sheetfed offset presses. The higher throughput speeds of these modern presses prduce operating conditions which dramatically reduce the life of conventional rubber rollers. Rollers manufactured with Web Red roller compound, on the other hand, run measurably cooler. Web Red rollers operate wll with most UV press washes available.